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(Not so) Recent Events: Year 12 Formal + Year 12 After Party, Graduation BBQ + Graduation Day, The HSC

The Year Book Project has now updated, please visit and read!

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Featured: Year Book Project, The HSC

18th's & Parties
Featured: The Combined Party, Lucy's Party, Sheree's Party, Henry's Party, Keely's Party, Danni and Rachel's Party, Erin's Party, More...

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Featured: F-Block, Group Behind F-Block,
Oval Groups (The Crew), B-Block girls,
Walkway group, The Bastards

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What is Wiki?

The Wiki can be whatever you want it to be. Everyone is a moderator and everyone has equal privileges. Articles can be edited by members in accordance to what may have been misleading information, incorrect information or otherwise. Someone once suggested that although "any group of kids can build up a nest of colloquial messages to one another, but [our community] can produce a quality yet uncensored year book. The Wiki comes with the structure of a moderated year book, yet the freedom of the open playground."